Quivers and Quarrels: Summer issue

The summer edition of the new SCA wide archery E-newsletter Quivers and Quarrels is now available online, from the e-newsletters page of the official SCA web site.

On the download page (linked below), Quivers and Quarrels is located at the bottom of the page under “Archery Community”.  The spring issue is also available there as well.

This issue includes an interview with Ambrosius filius Merlinnus of the Middle, articles on PVC bows, combat archery, crossbow strings, and much more.

Quivers and Quarrels is looking for additional target and combat archery related articles and artwork. How to articles, write ups of major archery events, photos of events and archers, original artwork and archery related book reviews are needed. Please send your submissions to quiversquarrels@gmail.com.

Sir Jon Fitz-Rauf, OL, OP