SCA author seeks backing to create tailoring series

SCA member and author Allan Mathew Gnagy has created a kickstarter campaign to publish the first of a series of period tailoring manuals devoted to men's tailoring of the early 17th century. The first volume focuses on doublets.

On the website, Gnagny writes:

The Modern Maker is a series of books devoted to the tailoring of 17th century men's clothing. There are many books available with a broader scope of different eras, but my goal is to focus on this one era and expand on the details of technique. This first volume surrounds the construction of men's doublets (rather like a vest with sleeves) of early 17th century. We will use images from actual tailor's pattern manuals from the era as our reference. In the first chapter we will learn how to draft a pattern for a man's doublet. In the second, we will discuss the methods of cutting and preparing the various layers of fabric. In the third, and largest chapter, we will put the garment together using hand, and machine sewing techniques.