East Kingdom Unbelted Champions Named

Ruslan Novgorodcev has announced the list of unbelted champions for the East Kingdom who will participate in this year's Pennsic War.

The Unbelted Champions of Their Royal Majesties Kelson and Geneviere for Pennsic XXXIII are:

  • Angus the Bruce
  • Wulfbrand Weigand
  • Shiro
  • Lucius Aurielius Varus
  • Alexander de Hautville
  • Colin Mac Eoin
  • Ishido
  • Baliq
  • Gareth Grey de Wilton
  • Edward McGwyer
  • Emerys ap Cynwyd
  • Cullyn MacKinnon
  • Gerhardt of Oakenwode
  • Iron Dwarf
  • Vulgier
  • Mohammed
  • Douglas Henry
  • Seamus of Arindale
  • Maximillian Delmonico
  • Jibril al Dakhil
  • Edward Gray
  • Ankara
  • Simon Guinn
  • Federach
  • Sigurdr
  • Wilhelm von Ostenbroke
  • Cet Donegal
  • Cederic of Amorica
  • Ian MacDonald
  • Wulfhere of Stonemarche
  • Oskar of the Wood
  • Edvall Toopole
  • Garrett Shadwell
  • Agnar Skulason
  • Gunter der Dunkle
  • Angus McHaley
  • Alaric von Drachenklaue
  • Valentinius von Drachenklaue
  • Karl Meerstape
  • Richard Crowe

Thank you to all who made the effort to attend and fight in the designated practices. You made the task of discerning who the best team would be excedingly difficult.

All others who tried out for the Unbelted practices are Alternates and should be in armor and attend the Knowne World Unbelted Tournament which takes place after Opening Ceremonies on Sunday. All should also be in attendence and ready to fight, if called upon, in the Heroic Champions Battle and Unbelted Champions Battle which follow the Field Battles on Monday.

In Service,

Ruslan Novgorodcev