New York Times Explores Chivalry

A prominent member of the SCA recently got to speak out on the topic of chivalry in the New York Times' Opinion page, in the on-line forum called "Room For Debate." The question of the day that the Times posed was: Could there be a revival of chivalry, or should this noble ideal be allowed to fade into obscurity?

The NY Times chose six commentators to address the issue, including (as you might imagine) a history professor, a couple of women's activists, and blogger who runs a site on the lost art of gentlemanliness.

One of the commentators, however, is particularly familiar to folks in the SCA - Scott Farrell, known throughout the SCA as Duke Guillaume de Belgique (KSCA, OP) from Caid. Mr. Farrell was asked to examine chivalry's applicaiton in modern culture not as a guide for polite manners, but as a code of service in the tradition of the duties of knighthood. HIs views stirred up a lot of response from the Times' readership!

Mr. Farrell, writing under his SCA name and title, has also published two books of collections of his humorous essays about his 30+ years in the SCA: We Are Not Amused, Sir Guillaume! and Here Comes The Reign, Sir Guillaume! He is also a contributor to the book Martial Arts And Philosophy, published by Open Court Press. You can hear Mr. Farrell speak with Prof. Damon Young, editor of Martial Arts And Philosophy on a back episode of the award-winning Chivalry Today Podcast.