"Bards welcome"

How do bards know when a private camp at the upcoming Pennsic War is welcoming to entertainers? Pelayo of the Kingdom of Ealdormere has the answer.

Pelayo writes:

Greetings from the bardic community!

Ever wish there was a way to have performers, entertainers, and bards know that your fire or camp is entertainer-friendly?

Fret no more! A symbol has arisen to help keep your camp entertained - simply hang a mug bedecked with ribbons from your camp gate. This indicates that when the mug is hanging, performers are welcome.

While it is customary to offer to fill the cup of a performer in exchange for a performance, if you are willing to offer additional refreshment be assured the traveling performers of the Known World greatly appreciate the gesture.

There are many wonderful tales and voices to be shared with those who choose to "mug the gate." May yours runneth over with music and story!

-- Pelayo