Northshielders and Midrealmers "get our geek on" at Border Skirmish

What divides the Kingdoms of Northshield and the Middle? Why, the Cheddar Curtain, of course! At least, it does for the annual Border Skirmish event. Margaret Plevak of Walworth County (Wisconsin) Today has the story.

Media Officer Jennifer Carlson spoke with Plevak about the SCA and Border Skirmish. “The Border Skirmish is the 10th iteration of the event, which is a collaboration between the southeast Wisconsin chapter and a northern Illinois chapter of the SCA, The Barony of Caer Anterth Mawr and the Shire of Ravenslake, respectively. We call it ‘Border Skirmish’ because our two groups are not only divided by a state line -- which we fondly refer to as ‘the cheddar curtain,’ but also by regions. Ten years ago, the southeast Wisconsin chapter was part of the same ‘kingdom’ as the Illinois chapter, but in 2004 our region broke away to become its own kingdom. We were part of ‘the Midrealm’ and now the (southeastern) Wisconsin group is part of ‘Northshield.’ So now there’s an additional bit of rivalry, but all in fun,” Carlson said.

In a followup article, Plevak spoke with other members at the event.