Dad bonds with kids through the SCA

“It promotes honor, courtesy, generosity — a lot of things that are kind of missing in today’s society,” said Asgar Rolfson (Dan Haley) of Sarasota Springs, New York, about his sons' participation with him in the Society for Creative Anachronism. Meg Hagerty of the Post Star spoke with Lord Asgar for a Father's Day article.

Asgar's sons Connor and Rael, 14, and Gavin, 11, and his wife Jen (Frigga Halladottir), are also involved in the SCA. The boys take part in youth combat, while Frigga enjoys textile arts. “My kids are honest, honorable, courteous, intelligent, athletic. They’re helpful. They’re everything I wish I was at that age,” said Asgar. “I wasn’t nearly as awesome as they are.”