Geoffrey Scott Accepts Royal Challenge at Pennsic War

Uther and Kaaren, King and Queen of the West, have placed Geoffrey Scott on vigil for knighthood and charged him to undertake 1500 fights at the Pennsic War.

Heavy fighters attending the Pennsic War may want to seek out Geoffrey Scott, a fighter from the West, who has been placed on vigil and charged by Their Majesties to cross swords with 1500 gentles at the War. Geoffrey plans to arrive at Pennsic August 9 and will be at the battlefield each day thereafter.

Thanks for the corrections.

Thanks for the corrections.


His name is Geoffrey Scott...

His name is Geoffrey Scott and he looks like this:

Hi! The individual's name is Geoffrey Scott

Hi! The individual's name is Geoffrey Scott. He is also a Viscount, having reigned as a Prince of the Mists in the Kingdom of the West. Huzzah Geoffrey! 1500 fights is nothing for him! :)