Theft of Baronial trailer in Atlantia

Aodh Adendra Marland, Baroness of Hidden Mountain in Atlantia, reports that her trailer, containing a great deal of baronial gear, was stolen June 26, 2013 from her home in Ridgeville, South Carolina.

Her Excellency writes:

The trailer of the Baron and Baroness of Hidden Mountain was stolen out of our yard this afternoon. It is a plain 6x8 white single axle trailer with about 3/4 of our gear including the 20x30 Baronial pavillion, hand made and decorated boxes with dinnerware service for 8, banners, tables, table linens, serving gear, serving bowls and platters, some cooking gear, 4 rugs, the Baronial thrones, and our green take down chairs. Most of the cooking and serving gear is marked HM or Hidden Mountain. The feast gear is black and white, with a pair of Claybaby goblets with the Baronial arms on them. Pillows, a box of heraldic banners of the past B/B of Hidden mountain, two boxes of general heraldic banners, directional signs, and the fighting eric were also in the trailer.

So needless to say, if anyone comes across any of our gear, please contact me at . Please feel free to forward this.

Aodh Adendra Marland,
Baroness Hidden Mountain
mka Brenda Butler