Balthasar Thiabold elevated to the Order of Chivalry

On the Legio Draconis website, his Grace Brannos reports that Captain Balthasar Thiabold of House Darkyard has been elevated to the Order of the Chivalry. The knighting took place June 23, 2013 at Baron Wars.

Brannos writes:

TRMs of the Midrealm, Lucien and Catarina, at Their Royal Court at the event Baronial Border Wars, placed Captain Balthasar Thiabold on vigil for Knighthood. He will be elevated at the event Baron Wars where he will stand a vigil and celebrate with his family and friends of the Barony of the Roaring Wastes and Legio Draconis. Vigilant Balthasar is a commanding member within House Darkyard.