Challenge to Honor HE Friedrich von Konigsberg

Sir Pendaran & Mistress Jehanne of Ansteorra have challenged the local barony, Bjornsborg, to join fourteen other Ansteorran groups in sending "CARE packages" to US troops serving in Iraq, in memory of Second Lieutenant Brian Smith.

Sir Pendaran & Mistress Jehanne write:

As many of you certainly know, a dear friend, Friedrich von Konigsberg, was killed while serving his country in Iraq less than three weeks ago. One of the things that we learned from Friedrich's frequent emails home was just how much receiving care packages meant to the soldiers serving in Middle-East. Anything that these brave men and women get from home helps to lift their spirits and reminds them that we appreciate their service.

In honor of Friedrich and his life, many of his friends have begun gathering and sending care packages to the men and women who are serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. This has lead people from Bryn Gwlad, where Friedrich lived, to begin working as a group to gather and send care packages to our troops in harm's way. We therefore invite, nay, challenge our dearest neighbors to the south, the great Barony of Bjornsborg to do the same. Surely a barony of such great heart and riches are willing to put forth just a little effort to let our soldiers and marines who serve in hazardous duty know that you remember, appreciate and support them! All you need is one or two people from to coordinate the effort of collecting the donations, then boxing and shipping them - everyone else can just drop off donated items at fighter practice or populous meetings. It's that easy.

What's that? You don't know what to send or where to send it? That's not a problem - just have your group's coordinator contact us at the email address below, and we'll tell you all that you need to know. Furthermore, we'll add Bjornsborg to the growing list of groups who are joining in this effort and sing each group's praise on these lists and in as many courts as possible. Thus far we have 14 groups in the kingdom that are collecting care packages for our troops. Will Bjornsborg be left out of this number?

We often speak of heroes in the SCA, and sing their praises. Well now we have the chance to honor true heroes - the men and women who have voluntarily placed themselves in harm's way in order to help keep us safe. Let us do what little we can to honor and support these heroes!

Thank you,
Sir Pendaran & Mistress Jehanne