Vehicles with trailers targeted

Carowyn encourages travelers to the Pennsic War to take care in securing trailers carrying gear with a lock to prevent theft of the trailer.

Carowyn writes:


As Pennsic approaches, please be careful at rest stops.

Thieves are targeting vehicles with hitches.  I'd heard about the warnings, but I experienced it last month when traveling on the PA turnpike.  I stayed at the vehicles - I like keeping at least one person at the vehicle(s) when I'm traveling anyway - and no less than 4 vehicles came speeding into the rest stop, and tried to park in the only space between the cars and the larger vehicle with the hitch.  *I* was in that space, and when they finally saw me, they took off at top speed.  There were plenty of other parking spaces around, so it was pretty obvious by the second try that we were being targeted.

As extra certainty, I watched as they came in off the highway, tried to park right between us, then took off towards the highway again without stopping at the rest stop.

Four vehicles attempting to do this in a half hour is troubling, so please be careful when traveling, especially to Pennsic.

NOTE: When I say "hitch", I mean the trailer that attaches to another vehicle.  Not the hitch ball itself.

Feel free to forward this message to others who may need this information.