Scientific Instrument Day at Pennsic's Artisans' Row

Master Richard Wymarc reports that On Monday July 29, 2013, Pennsic University's Artisan's Row will feature a Scientific Instrument Day.

Master Richard writes:

Pennsic: Scientific Instrument Day on Artisan's Row - Monday July 29th

For those of us that like to put the science into Arts and Sciences, Artisan's Row at Pennsic this year will have a day devoted to scientific instruments and tools.

Monday of War Week I will be organizing a day of displays and demonstrations of the tools and instruments of medieval science. I am looking for like-minded artists and artisans who are involved in making and using such tools to spend a few hours displaying their work and sharing their knowledge.

I'm being very broad in my definition of both science and tool here: For example, someone willing to demonstrate medieval methods of casting astrological natal charts would be welcome.

So, If your interest is in the scientific tools and instrumentation of the period, be it navigation, timekeeping, surveying, alchemical glassware, weights and measures, astronomical, etc. Please get in touch with me. If you cannot display, please feel free to stop by and say hello.

I will be set up to demonstrate and teach concerning astrolabes, quadrants and sundials; and I'm planning demonstrations of drafting sundials and astrolabe components using period techniques.

Master Richard Wymarc