Lost Cortés letter found

A letter from Charles V to Hernán Cortés, proclaiming him Governor of Mexico, has been found in the State Archive in Naples. The letter is one of the oldest sent to the New World.

A number of documents pertaining to Cortés have been discovered recently in the Naples archive and in the collection of the Pignatelli Aragona Cortés family, the Italian descendants of the conquistador.

From the article:

Researchers also discovered other letters, documents, drawings and deeds in the Cortés archive, including the conquistador’s correspondence with nobles and royals across the world. Highlights include instructions­ for Francisco de Garay, the Basque conquistador who accompanied Christopher Columbus on his second journey to the New World; a letter to Diego Velázquez, the governor of the island of Fernandina (now Haiti), instructing him not to oppose Cortés’s military expedition; deeds for land and properties throughout Mexico; and a sketch of the oldest hospital in Central and South America, the Hospital de la Purísima Concepción (Hospital of the purest conception) in Mexico City, now known as the Hospital de Jésus.

Mexico City

Mexico City is not in central America. It is in North America, and the fact that it was the first hospital means it was the first hospital on the whole American Continent.


Obviously if it's the first hospital in in Mexico it's the first hospital in the all the AmerIcan Continent not just Mexico city or South America