Sunset for Calendar/Events feature

Based on reader comments (both online and offline), will phase out the Events (Calendar) feature gradually over the next several months, and discontinue it entirely as of September 1, 2013.

In May, invited readers to comment on the Calendar feature of our site, which consumes a disproportionate amount of our staff time compared to other content. We received a few comments on the site, and also others through private communication, and based on that feedback, we have decided to end the Calendar feature in a phased process concluding September 1, 2013.

The comments we received said overwhelmingly that our readers value our newswire the most, followed by our weblinks features (things like the Merchants directory). The Calendar, once a highly-valued feature of our site, has become less important as the various kingdoms have improved their own online calendars. Almost every event now has its own web site, and the event staff can maintain those with far better timeliness than any third-party site (including ours) could equal. When we started in 2002, the many kingdoms had only limited online calendars. That is no longer the case, and ours has become mostly a duplication of their efforts.

To better focus the time of our small, all-volunteer staff, therefore, we will phase out our Calendar offering on the following schedule:

  • Effective immedately, staff will not create new content for the Calendar. Existing content will remain visible and will be updated if so requested by the event staff, to correct errors.
  • Readers with personal login accounts may still contribute event notices for events occurring between now and August 31, 2013, and we will accept them for publication if they are complete enough not to require extensive editing by our team. If you wish to contribute an event notice, we encourage you to keep it brief and use the Related Links feature to link it to the official web site for the event. That way, your information will be as current as the event staff can make it.
  • We will discontinue the ability to contribute new events as of approximately August 1, 2013 (ahem...when we get home from Pennsic!).
  • We will leave the Calendar's final contents online until September 1, 2013. Thereafter, it may remain online for archival purposes, since there is no extra effort on our part to maintain this for now, but it will not be updated. If for some reason the host staff of an event request us to remove their event from the archives, we will honor that request.
  • We are planning a significant software upgrade for later this year (after September 1). The Calendar feature will probably be dropped from the new version of the software, to simplify our configuration. The precise date of this upgrade is not yet known, but that that time the Calendar contents will probably be removed.
  • None of the above has any effect on our coverage of event happenings, posting photo albums, court reports, and so on, and we will continue to publish announcements related to the major inter-kingdom events on our main newswire, as we always have. Please continue to tell us about tourney results and court reports, and send us links to your event photo albums.

We are grateful to our readers who took the time to comment, either on our site or privately. We are glad to be able to focus our efforts on continuing to bring you the best news portal for the historical Middle Ages as well as the Current Middle Ages. Thank you for your understanding with respect to this upcoming change, and thank you for being an reader.


Maistor Justinos Tekton called Justin, Publisher --
Magistrissa Milica of Varna, Editor-In-Chief --