Thegns and Thralls: A Night in Heorot

Woods have grown frosty, winds howl,
Rime scours stones. Winter comes,
Promising long nights of hall joys.
Barre, guardian of warriors, and gold-bright Cordelia
Call battle-brave nobles. Prove your prowess,
Whether your wyrd be to win gold
By courage or be seized by battle.

Before October 1:
Onboard Member: $19
Offboard Member: $12

After October 1:
Onboard Member $22
Offboard Member: $15

Onboard spaces are limited to 100. The day trip fee includes lunch on Saturday. Traveler's fare on Friday evening and breakfast Saturday and Sunday mornings will be available from the Bright Hills' Cooks Guild for a modest fee.

There are barracks-style dorms (with heat and hot water) and space for pavilions. Camping and dorm space are free. Dorm space is available on a first-come, first-served basis only. No reservations will be taken for dorm space. Please bring your own bedding.

Make checks payable to Barony of Bright Hills, SCA, Inc. Please include the legal names of all in your party.

Reservations should be sent to the autocrat.

Site: Rocks 4-H Camp
8 Cherry Grove Road
Street, MD

Site opens 6pm Fri Oct 29 and closes 12 noon Sun Oct 31.

Site restrictions: The site is wet. No smoking in public access areas. Pets are not allowed.

Directions: Take your best route to I-95 north of Baltimore. Take I-95 to exit #77. Exit west on Rt 24 (towards Bel Air/Forest Hills) for approx 14-15 miles (5 miles from I-95, you will merge Rt 24 and Rte 1 North- continue on Rt 1 North). Take the exit for Rt 24N (Forest Hills/Rocks) through Street, Md to Rocks State Park (approx 7 miles). Turn right on Cherry Hill Rd, cross the single-lane bridge, and turn left into the 4-H camp.

Martial Activities: Warriors will have the opportunity to show their prowess in a full complement of tourneys. Their Excellencies will also be choosing their heavy, rapier, and archery champions during the tournaments.

A&S Activities: Classes in a variety of Viking and Anglo-Saxon subjects, including sprang, Viking wrestling (glima), and carving a bone needle are planned.

Several competitions will be sponsored by people of the barony: "Best Use of Bayeux Tapestry Stitch" embroidery competition sponsored by Lady Martel von Charlottenburg. Documentation is required. Please contact Lady Martel at for details.

A mead competition will be sponsored by Lord Michel von Schonsee, the Royal Brewer. For details, contact him at

"Best Handcarved Viking Item" in any medium (wood, bone, antler, soapstone, etc.) and "Best Item Done in Sprang or Nalbinding" sponsored by Mistress Ingvild Josefsdatter and Lord Owen Sherard Trahern. Contact Mistress Ingvild at for more information.

Join us in our quest for the most talented skald. Teams of players seek prize words at each test in Beowulf's Quest that they may write an even greater saga with those very words. Each team will present its saga during feast.

Their Excellencies Barre and Cordelia will be offering prizes to the best-dressed Viking man and woman present during the day.

A reproduction of the Mastermyr toolbox and its contents made by members of theforge email list will be on display during the day on Saturday.

There will also be an open display for Anglo-Saxon and Viking arts and sciences. First attempts and works in progress are welcome!

The feast will be prepared by Lady Juliana Cardoso (Ruth Borealo) and Mistress Keilyn FitzWarin (Beth Tanner). Questions and dietary concerns should be directed to Mistress Keilyn at

Merchants are welcome. Please contact Lady Reyne Telarius (Robyn Becker) at or by phone 410-676-5795 NLT 9 PM for more information.

Children's activities on Saturday will be coordinated by Lady Wynne (Jill Crowther-Peters). For more information, or to volunteer to help, please contact Lady Wynne. Mistress Chryse will coordinate a children's feast on Saturday evening. Contact her at for details.

Autocrat: Dame Alianora Munro (Stephanie Thorson)