Project Trollhiem

Jim Revells, a.k.a. Olaf Trollhiemsfjord, is in the process of founding a company to teach traditional crafts and trades. Project Trollhiem, LLC is currently seeking funding to take their program on the road.

Jim Revells writes:

Greetings, recently Sonja, my daughter, and I founded a company to open a school for traditional trades and historic crafts.  We are also in the process of opening a campground specifically designed for Living History encampments.  This is the culmination of six years of dreaming and a year of hard work.  The initial funds to get  this project going will be raised through crowd funding and producing how-to-do-it books and videos on pre-1900s technology.  If this sounds interesting to you please check out Trollhiem LLC and spread the word about us.

We are launching our fund drive to buy a bus for Project Trollhiem. We are seeking funds to get our business "on the road" quite literally. We will buy a used school bus and convert it into a camper for traveling all through the United States and Canada. Along with the bus we need some tents, to hold classes in; funds to travel with; tools and camp equipment; a lap top computer; funds to help Jim relocate from New Hampshire to Georgia and finally to install electricity and data communications at our workshops in Georgia. The bus will be a means of generating interest in our school and campground, as well as generating income by sales of items made in our workshops. Check out  our fund raising effort at the link below.

Thank you for your attention.

Jim Revells/ Olaf Trollhiemsfjord