Grand Council Recruiting New Members

Saito Takauji, m.k.a. Matt Parker, Chairman of the Grand Council to the BoD, reports that the Grand Council is looking to add new members.

The Grand Council of the SCA is seeking interested members to apply to join its ranks.  The GC is the advisory committee to the Board of Directors, providing information and recommendations on both Board and self generated topics.  We rely on having a broad base of knowledge and experience among our members to ensure we can come at issues from multiple angles and provide in-depth recommendations.

In the last year the GC has discussed the same things that have been discussed Society wide.  We have discussed the lawsuit settlement and its ongoing impact, banishments and sanctions, and the structure of the SCA as a whole.  We have helped rewrite a major handbook, and are in the midst of writing a completely new guide to help in one of the Society's most critical areas.  In prior years we have provided recommendations on topics ranging from a Society start date and the proposals for an additional peerage, to in-depth financial analysis and communication best practices.

We need active participants to help us discuss, decide, and recommend actions on these topics and any others that might arise.  GC Members serve a three year term, and at the end of it may choose to serve another three year term.

If you are interested, please apply at the address below.