Annoucements from the Pennsic Mayor

Master Andreas de Caunteton, Atlantia Kingdom Chirurgeon and Pennsic 42 Deputy CIC, passes along some information reported by Pennsic's Lady Mayor from a recent staff meeting.

Some information of note:

  • The Pennsic Facebook and Twitter Feed webpages are public access from the web and information will be posted by senior staff up to and during war.  Every effort will be made to ensure that what is disseminated is reflected on the Pennsic website.
  • The Barn as prior known will now be an expansion of the Camp Store with Pennsic Produce relocated there, a restaurant and a mini-Lowes Home Improvement outlet.  The New Barn is located in N-01 and all Barn Activities will be held there.  Pictures are posted on the Pennsic Facebook page.
  • Troll will be closed from Midnight until 6AM Monday through Thursday and no coins will be accepted.  Please review the Pennsic Registration  page for details, rules and required items for admittance.  
  • Volunteers are needed for all departments - contact the Department Head  if you have any advance questions.  Of special need is set-up and close-out help!  
  • Volunteers working a shift of service will be allowed to recharge cell phones and the like at that location while working or will receive a ticket to do so elsewhere if power is not available.
  • Technical Services is in need of assistance pre and post war with set-up and take-down of the infrastructure.  If you are able-bodied and can commit to working for this purpose - please contact the Deputy Mayor for Technical Services  ASAP.  
  • The site will close at NOON on Saturday, August 3rd.  All camps must be packed out and their land clean, empty and restored.  Any group that leaves a site unsatisfactory will be cited and loose seniority on their block for next year.  


Master Andreas de Caunteton, OP
Atlantia Kingdom Chirurgeon
Pennsic 42 - Deputy CIC