Spooky Rait Castle still mystifies

Rait Castle, on an island in a loch near Naim, Scotland, is haunted, or so say some of its admirers, by the ghost of a handless girl, killed by her father for loving a son of the enemy.

Owned by the Cawdor family, the castle "has been described as the best surviving example of its type, a Scottish hall castle, and is unusual for having gothic windows with red sandstone mullions (divisions between units of a window)."

The castle was built in the 13th century by Gervaise de Rait, and became the object of an obsessive feud between the Mackintosh and Cummings families for over two hundred years. The ghost girl supposedly was a Cummings whose romance with a Mackintosh was discovered by her father in 1442. In a fit of anger, the Cummings lord sliced off her daughter's hands as she threw herself from one of the castle's fabled windows, leading to the site's famous haunting.