The Godwine Charter returns to Canterbury

Somewhere between 1013 and 1018, Godwine sold his swine pasture in Kent, England to Leofwine the Red for 40 pence and two pounds rent and an allowance of corn. How do we know this? The sale was recorded in the Godwine Charter, an "exceptionally rare" document which recently made its way home to the Canterbury Cathedral Archives.

The Godwine Charter was originally witnessed by Lyfing, Archbishop of Canterbury and the Abbot of St Augustine's Abbey, and filed at Canterbury Cathedral, In the 17th century, it was sold to a private collector, but has now been returned to the Cathedral thanks to a grant of UKĀ£114,500 from the National Heritage Memorial Fund. It will be on display at the Beaney Art Gallery and Museum in Canterbury until June 15, 2013.