Ansteorra tornado disaster relief: How you can help

Lady Marion inghean ui Ruanadha, Disaster Relief Coordinator for the Kingdom of Ansteorra, offers detailed information on how other SCA members can help those affected by this week's massive tornado that struck Moore, Oklahoma.

Lady Marion writes:

Moore, OK is a town between Norman (Barony of Namron) and OKC (Barony of Wiesenfeuer). The area is zoned as the Barony of Namron, but some members of the populace identify as Namron and others Wiesenfeuer and some that play in both Baronies.

We have had 4 families whose houses are considered a total loss. 2 were leveled, 1 was leveled and burned, 1 was destroyed (but not completely leveled). We have several other families whose homes are standing, but have severe roof and/or fence and/or structural damage. Everyone is physically good, but many are displaced until new housing can be found, repairs can be made, and power and water are restored (and the areas are cleared by the authorities and the roads are cleared). The immediate needs are being addressed by many donations coming in from around Ansteorra and around the country.

The biggest need at this point is monetary donations to help cover the expenses that the relief agencies, FEMA, and insurance companies (if there is one, at least one of our families was renting and uninsured) don't cover and to fill the gaps. We have a PayPal account. The only monies in the account are relief funds. It is not an SCA affiliated account, nor are the donations tax deductible. All monies need to be given by individuals to help those who want to help those affected. All donations will be used to help the affected, and any excess money will be given equally to Red Cross, Salvation Army, OK Food Bank, and the Humane Society.

We could also use gift cards to help fill immediate needs and help with clean-up. The best gift cards are Wal-Mart, Target, Home Depot, Lowe's, Albertson's, and other big box stores. Please keep in mind that Moore, OK is in between two big cities, and insure whatever gift card you purchase, there is an applicable store nearby (especially grocery stores as they are very different in OK).

Donations can be sent to the PayPal address

Mail (and gift card) donations can be sent to me:

Brandy Merrell
5101 Postwood Drive
Keller, TX 76244

I will send them on to where they will be most helpful.

Anyone can feel free to contact me for more information or clarification:

Thanks so much,

Lady Marion inghean ui Ruanadha
DRC Ansteorra invites our readers to use the "donate" button below to directly donate an amount of your choosing to the PayPal fund Lady Marion describes above. Clicking the button will open a new browser tab or window. (Disclaimer: The button is for convenience only; is not directly affiliated with this fund, and we do not receive any money from this transaction.)