Ealdormere songbook online

Justinian Clarus of the Kingdom of Ealdormere, reports that his songbook, Cry of the Wolf VI, a completely prejudiced compilation of this Bard's and Their Majesties favourite songs, is available, is available online. The book is subtitled Marching to War with Trumbrand and Kaylah.

Cry of the Wolf VI, is available to print or download in PDF format from the website.

Songs include:

Songs for Any Occasion
Come And Be Welcome
The Poacher's Song
Trumbrand's Lament
Light of the North
The Wolves Song
The Song of the Northern Wanderer (Home)

Battle Songs
The ''E'' Song
Blazing Scarlet Banner
Stand in the Shieldwall
Wagon Roll to War
Running With the Wolfpack
Woods Battle Day
The Hammer of Thor
A Battle Song of Ealdormere and Trinovantia
The Twelve Days of Battle
The Carter's War Song
Call The Names
True and Destined King
Dagmar's Battle Song