[NOR] Play with Fire Moot

The Barony of Windhaven will be hosting a "Play with Fire" Moot in Green Bay, June 14-16.  Since some of the projects we'd like to play with take more than a few hours, Lord Balthazar has graciously opened his backyard/field to us for free camping for the weekend.  Come for the day (Saturday) or come on Friday for the whole weekend! 

No site fee, but if you would like to participate in one of the classes, please check with the stewards regarding materials contributions.  As with most of our moots, Saturday's feast will be pot-luck and will hopefully include some foods cooked on site as part of classes/projects.

Current class ideas include:
Building a period bread oven (& using it!)
Cooking Medievally (Cooking with Open Fire for Fun & Feast)
Basic Blacksmithing
Basic pottery (hoping to find a teacher?)
Building a clockwork spit for the roasting of beasts

If you have ideas for other fire-related classes, or would be willing to help teach one of the above, please contact the stewards listed below.   We will have bardic around the fire in the evenings, perhaps even a contest for the best fire-themed piece!  For those disinclined to torch themselves, there is space for fighters to wale away and shade trees for sitting & socializing and in Windhaven tradition all the dancing you want.

Stewards: Lord Balthazar fitz Gryfon (Gryfon at execpc dot com)
Lady Marketa Barfussin (mgaywont at gmail dot com)