[DRA] News from the Renaissance

Oyez, Oyez, are you interested in renaissance techniques of war? Do you want to know how a noble household was organized? And how much it would cost? Do you like to taste good food of the period? Then come to the only late period event in Northern Frankmark!

News from the Renaissance
An event around the Renaissance

We have planned some classes on different fields and aspects of this period, such as history, fashion, food / cooking, art, fighting and war techniques. There shall be theoretical classes; if a hands-on class should be offered, the local possibilities have to be checked first.

Date: 25/05/2013

Visitors from far away can arrive on Friday, 24/05/12 and stay until Sunday, 26/05/13. Limited crash space can be offered (max. 8 persons, please bring your camp bed and bedding).  Overnight stay in a tent can be agreed.

Address: Itzehoer Straße 1a, 24613 Aukrug

Start: 10:00 o'clock

There will be a simple lunch and supper (for people staying overnight, there will of course be breakfast)

Costs: Daytrippers 7,00 EUR, Overnight stay with breakfast: 13,00 EUR
Children up to 4 years:  free of charge
Children from 5 – 12 years: Daytripper 3,50 EUR, overnight stay with breakfast: 6,50 EUR

There will arise no further costs.

Security advice: There is a little pond at site and a deep lake next to our house. Children should not be left unattended.

Registration until 22/05/2013 at: Volker Ehlers