[CAL] Tournament of Valor XXXIV

Valor, the oldest running Tournament in the Kingdom of Calontir, is once again here…
    Site opens: 5:00 pm Friday, August 30th
    Site closes: Noon on Monday, September 2nd

    Band Camp
    7149 North 87th Street West
    Valley Center, KS 67147

Site Fee

$15.00 for adults, $5.00 for ages 6-17, children under 5 and under get in free. There is an additional $5.00 surcharge for each adult non-member. Family Cap is $45.00 (not including NMS). Make checks payable to “SCA Inc., Barony of Vatavia.”

Merchants are most welcome! There is no additional merchanting fee.

Site Information

Site is wet. Praise Odin!
The site includes a full hall, plenty of camping space, a nature trail, showers, and indoor restrooms.
No ground fires! Above ground fire pits and cooking devices are allowed.
Dogs are allowed if on leash or in a run.


Take your best route to I-135 in Wichita, KS. Follow I-135 to the north edge of Wichita, to K-96 West. Continue on K-96 to Ridge Road. Take Ridge Road north to 73rd St. North. Turn left on 73rd St. and continue for approximately one mile until you reach North 87th Street West. Turn left on North 87th Street West. The road leads to and ends at the Band Church Camp. Look for SCA signs.

Please be sure to observe posted speed limits once you turn onto 73rd Street, as this is a residential and farm area.


Melees! Melees! Melees!
The year is 1101. Baron Wulfric Tyrill has retured from the Crusades and stands to inherit the lands of the father of Isibil Edvinsdottir, but Isibil’s brother Edvin Edvinsson stands in his way. A champion must be determined to fight for the right to claim this inheritance and Wulfric’s right to Isibil’s hand.

    Warlord Tournament - to determine the champion for Wulfric and for Edvin.

    Field Battle - Weapon restrictions: Six foot and under. Nine foot spears are allowed when carried by Knights. Round shields are encouraged but not required. Best two out of three, last man standing. More information to come.

    Gate Battle - Weapon restrictions: Six foot and under. Round shields are encouraged but not required. No nine foot spears. Best two out of three. More information to come.

    Ship Battle - Weapon restrictions: Six foot and under. Round shields encouraged but not required. More information to come.


Noon: Valor Tournament - Two-handed swords (this includes hand and a half and Great Sword), thrusting tips allowed.
Guardians Invitational Tourney - Same weapon restrictions as Valor Tournament. All past winners of the Valor Tourney are eligible to participate, plus one additional fighter of their choice, per additional times they have won. If a Guardian is unable to fight in the Tourney, they may designate a Champion to fight in their stead.

Arts & Sciences Competitions

The Arts & Sciences competion will be held on Saturday. Entries must be taken to the main hall and set up by noon.
Theme is Norse clothing and fiber arts.

Bardic Competition

The Bardic Competition will be held in the main hall at 3:00 pm on Saturday.
Two pieces prepared in any style (singing, stories, etc.) All entries must be themed around Norse Gods and Heroes.

Please remember to make copies of coggins and health certs for each horse/mule coming to site. The copies will be given to the marshal at time of arrival. Out of state MUST have current coggins and health cert. In state MUST have current coggins and health cert strongly recommended but not required.

If you are a minor five years or older and will be riding you must have a parent or guardian with you at the arena at all times. All minor forms must be filled out and the minor is required to have an ASTM approved equestrian helmet on at all times when on horseback, no exceptions.

There will be Norse games and a mead bar, with a brewing competition as part of the fun. All past betting tokens will be accepted for bets on some of the games being held. Come tell stories, Games, Drink, Eat and have fun!

(Rumor has it that there will be guests arriving from the east, wishing to join in the festivities. Mayhaps they will entertain us with some fancy known as ‘Sumo’?)

    Event Steward
    Lord Ottarr Surtson

    Event Steward
    Lord Robert the Scott

    Tavern Steward
    Lady Elizabeth Draper