[ATE] Fabric War/SunDragon Arts and Sciences Competition

On Saturday, June 22, 2013 within the awesome lands of SunDragon, a yearly event will take place that is not for the weak.   Fabric War is upon us!   Search in your closets, sewing/guest room, garage and yes, even that stash under the bed that you did not think anyone knew about. 

Bring all that you can not, have not, and will not, use (be brutal - this is war) to Fabric War/ SunDragon Arts and Sciences Competition and let the bartering, conniving, cajoling, and deal making begin.  Whether your victory be walking away with all or nothing, you are assured to have a great time.  

SunDragon Arts and Sciences Competition ALSO.....We need judges...

There will be a great time for all and i hope to see many entries...in order to make this better than last year and fun for all, I could really use and greatly appreciate judges!

There will be category entries ( those not declaring for Champion) as well as Champion Entries. For both, they will be entering from the Kingdom list of categories and subcategories.

I will be using Kingdom Judging Sheets.

Documentation is required at a minimum of a 3 x 5 note card. .. with hopefully those entering for champion doing more in depth documentation at min of 4 pages.

If you are available to assist in Judging I would greatly appreciate it and will have a gift of appreciation for all judges.

Captain Lann
( sent on Behalf of Gereon Lautermilch  Bettreuger)