[ANT] May Crown

As the wheel of time turns ever forward, Heirs to the Sable Thrones must be sought once more. To this end we invite all An Tirans to converge upon the great Barony of Vulcanfeldt this coming May to compete, inspire or bear witness to the Crown Tournament of An Tir.

For your enjoyment and to test your skills we offer all manner of competitions and entertainments, including the Crown Tournament, Squires' and rapier tournaments, archery competitions and Arts & Sciences displays and competitions.

Opens at 3:00pm Friday (12:00pm for merchants). Closes Sunday at 5:00pm.

Dates: May 17-19, 2013

Site Address:
Toppenish Rodeo & Livestock Association
500 South Division St.
Toppenish, WA 98948

Site Fees:
$20 -- Adults
$10 -- Youth (10-17)
Free -- Children 9 and under
$50 -- Family Cap
Non-Member Surcharge of $5 applies.

Make checks payable to: SCA, Inc., Barony of Madrone

All attendees are encouraged to bring enough water to serve all their needs for the event (drinking, cooking, etc.). While there is "officially" potable water on site, there are very few spigots and they may be located in the middle of someone's camp. There are several markets in town to purchase water / ice."

Thorns on Site – Watch out!
There are "goat head" thorns scattered about in our lovely lawn.
*These are very solid thorns*
We advise always wearing good foot coverings and having a ground cloth or chair on which to sit.

You too can be part of the action and excitement! Contact the Event Stewards and let us know your "bliss." We are always looking for help at Gate, Waterbearing & Parking, among others.

Bringing a minor to May Crown?
Make sure you have all of your waivers in order.  If you are bringing a minor who is not your own, their parent or guardian must fill out the forms prior to the event.

You will need to bring three (3) copies of the Minor Medical Waiver for each Minor attending the event.
 -- One copy to be kept on the minor's person at all times.
 -- One copy for the designated parent or guardian.
 -- One copy for Gate.