Conference reflects new interest in King Arthur

In recent years, archaeologists have renewed their interest in finding the historic King Arthur. At the Footsteps of King Arthur Conference in Glastonbury, England, experts urged each other to keep looking, possibly as far north as Scotland.

“Around 1930 experts didn’t believe in him. Around 1970 experts did, thanks to archaeology, then in 1990 they didn’t believe in him again. I think the time is right for a swing again," Professor Ronald Hutton of Bristol University told the assembly. Hutton suggested looking in the North between Edinburgh and York, as well as in the South.

The conference reflects new interest in the fabled king, up to and including turning Glastonbury in an "Arthurian theme park," but some, like Arthurian expert Geoffrey Ashe, resist the notion. "If you put up a statue what would it be of? You can’t have a statue of a medieval knight. That would be ridiculous, and I don’t think you could have a statue of a 5th century Roman Briton."