[ATL] Sergeants & Scholars

Roxbury Mill invites scholars of all disciplines to our pastoral setting in the DC metro area. Please join us for a day of both Martial and Arts & Sciences learning, and pick up a new technique or try out a new skill at Sergeants & Scholars.

Sergeants & Scholars features classes in many disciplines which are sure to broaden your horizon or deepen your understanding.

Arts & Sciences:
There currently four full tracks.The classes include: beer and brewing, mead, falconry, herbs, portable feasts, basket-making, Russian clothing, Norse runes and fortune-telling, kumihimo, and German history.

Classes focus on rapier - melee tactics, Agrippa, and youth marshaling - and a siege weapons introduction. There will be a siege engine for demonstration, practice and authorization.

University credit will be available to all students.

Please see the website for complete class descriptions, schedule, and updates.

When: April 27 - The gate opens at 9:00 am and closes at 5:00 pm. Scheduled activities begin at 10 am.
Where: Abbey of the Marians in Roxbury Mill, (Marian Assisted Living Center, 19109 Georgia Ave, Brookville, MD 20833).

Lunch is included in the site fee. Please bring a chair. No court. No feast.
See the website for directions.

If you have any questions, please contact the autocrat.

Yours in service,
Autocrat, Sergeants & Scholars