Estrella War 2013 Lost and Found List Posted

Lady Bethia Somers of the Atenveldt Sheriff's Office reports that a lost and found list for Estrella War 2013 is now available online.

Lady Bethia writes:

Greetings from the Kingdom Sheriff's Office!

Pictures of the lost & found items from this year's Estrella War are now posted and can be viewed at the link below.

If you need to claim an item that belongs to you, please contact me at: sheriff @ (remove spaces).

Postage for items that need to be sent through the mail will be the responsibility of the owner!

If you don't see your missing item, please contact me so that I can keep a look out for it in case it gets turned in later on!

Lady Bethia Somers
Emergency Deputy Kingdom Sheriff
Kingdom of Atenveldt

(If someone could please cross post this to the other Kingdoms' lists, I'd greatly appreciate it! Thanks!)