[ART] Feast of St. Pyres

Come join us in giving homage to the Patron St. of Cote Du Ciel, St. Pyre himself!

Come prepared to fight in many an interesting melee, ranging from carefully defending your mighty carrot, to dark and dusty bar room brawls. And for the swifter of the fighters, remember. Never let anyone but yourself empty a cup in your possession. Many other exciting opportunities will await those of marshal skills.

If you are not one to participate in the arts of combat, there will be tables set up for your convienence to do your crafts, play your favorite game, or anything else that you please.

There have been those who have shown their homage of St. Pyre by dancing, both through the feast and after. Music will be provided for enticement in moving thy feet. Any bards willing to share their talents are quite encouraged to do so.

In the evenings at any Romani camp, feasts are a combination of what can be gathered and what is on hand. Being limited in such a way sometimes leads to some interesting combinations. In keeping with Romani tradition, the Feast at St. Pyres will consist of combinations you might not ordinarily find. Without giving away all the secrets of this culinary adventure, we will be having a Romani (hobo) stew - deliciousness made from what feast goers add to the pot. Other delectable dishes will be announced at the feast. Please send reservations to vadoma.thewise at gmail. com and indicate any food allergies you may have.

Feast fee: $8 + an item to add to the stew (i.e. vegetable)

Site fees: $6 a person, $4 for children under 16
Family Cap: $20
Non-Membership Fee: $5 per person, no cap

When: April 28, 2013

Whittier Community Center
290 North 400 East
Logan, UT 84321

>From the north or south, take the I-15 to the Logan/Utah State University exit, #362. Go east on 1100 S. (becomes US 89/91) towards Logan. Once in Logan turn east on 400 N. Turn right (south) on 400 E and go one block. It is on the corner of 400 E and 300 N.

For questions please contact either of the below:

Event Steward: B'se
Email: Justicedudley at gmail. com

Shire Seneschal: Lady Cathryn
Email: jedda_fw at yahoo dot com