server outage experienced a brief outage (less than 30 minutes) Friday, and will be deliberately offline about 60 minutes, for a scheduled upgrade, this weekend. The upgrade is currently planned for early evening (U.S. Eastern time, GMT-4:00) on Saturday, April 13.

Our server ran out of memory today, which occasionally happens when a particularly badly-behaved spammer or other automated client overwhelms our virtual resources. As a precaution, we rebooted the operating system to clear out the cyber-cobwebs from memory.

The good news is that we've been notified by our hosting provider (, in case you are curious) that we are eligible for a free upgrade that will put us on faster hardware and will double our memory allocation! The upgrade is fully automated and handled all at their end, but it does require us to schedule approximately 60 minutes of deliberate downtime. We will be doing that some time over the weekend, at a time "to be determined" based on our real-world schedules (remember, we're volunteers, so Real Life Comes First).

In summary, we apologize for any inconvenience today, and if you observe the site not responding this weekend, please wait about an hour and try again, and it should be back online.

As always, thanks for being an reader!


We're all done


The upgrade was amazingly smooth. Total downtime was under 20 minutes, including a major kernel upgrade. In case anyone is curious, my personal opinion of is summed up in one word: awesome! I did three separate servers (one for and my personal sites, one for my local shire and barony, and one for another nonprofit org my company co-sponsors), and I was done in less than an hour total for all three.