Film of the SCA "Second/Third Tournament" on YouTube

John Edgerton reports that video from the Second Tourney of the Society for Creative Anachronism, which took place June 25, 1966 in the park above Berkeley, California, is now available to view on YouTube. Transferred from Super 8 film, the video has no audio.

The Second Tourney had a musical performance as well as both armored combat and target archery. John Edgerton notes that June 25, 2013 is the forty-seventh anniversary of archery in the SCA.

Diana Listmaker adds the following:

Actually, it's the 3rd tourney, at Cragmont Park in September of '66. Dave and Marynel presided because he sunburned his feet on their honeymoon and couldn't fight. Henrik won, and was crowned at the first 12th night the following December.

--Diana Listmaker