[ANS] Queens Championship

On May 10th ~ 12th 2013, Her Royal Majesty, Queen Gwen verch Cywrig de Insula Mona will choose her champion. Fighters from all over the land are invited to compete with honor for the right and privilage to act as Her Majesty's Champion. Along with the best duelists competing for this glory, there will be many other activities to delight both the Queen and the populace including:

  • Exciting Rapier, Cut & Thrust, and Novice Tournaments
  • Wonderful evenings filled with bardic performances, wagering, combat, and good times at the Copper & Silver Tavern
  • Watch and enjoy a Mid day Jousting competition!
  • A Feast like no other to be served in Her Majesty's honor!

Friday Night:
        Great performances in the Curtain Theater
        Tall tales and songs around the bardic fire
        Revelry at the Copper & Silver Tavern
        A tournament of steel, wit, skill and honor
        Artisan competition with all entries to be donated to the Pennsic War Basket
        Skilled horsemen joust for Her Majesty's pleasure at mid-day
        Feasting, good times, and games at the Copper & Silver Tavern
        Armed contests of skill for wager and sport at the tavern
        Kingdom Cut & Thrust Championship Tourney
        Her Majesty's Novice Tourney

Queen Gwen verch Cywrig de Insula Mona's championship will be held at the storied Castleton site.
Address: 7400 Coldwater Canyon Drive, Austin, TX 78730

Opens: 4pm Friday, May 10th
Closes: 12 Noon, Sunday, May 12th

        Adults: $12
        Children 17-12: $10
        Children Under 12: Free
        NMS Fee (Adults only): $5 per person
        Feast: $9 (Only 100 Feasts!)
    ACCEPS Available!

Event Info Contact: Magdalena Cortez

Steward of the Event: Christian Doré

Feast Steward: Alfred Huddlestone