SCA offers tutorials on Social Media

Lady Avelyn Wexcombe, Interim Social Media Coordinator for the Kingdom of Ealdormere, reports that the Society Social Media Officer, Lord Tobias Morgan, has posted some new tools and links from of the SCA's home page.

These links are primarily for those new to social media and interested in incorporating some of these tools into our event planning and daily SCAdian lives.

From the Social Media webpage:

How to set up profiles on social media platforms, and use social media to promote the activities of your branch, office, or event:

Facebook for Beginners (Mashable)
Facebook - Build your Facebook Page
Squidoo - How to Create a Facebook Page
SCA Tipsheet - Promoting Your Event on Facebook
SCA Tipsheet - Best Practices for Liveblogging Your Event
SCA Tipsheet - Understanding Facebook Pages vs. Groups

How to Use Twitter: A Beginner's Guide (Sean Clark)
SCA Tipsheet - Getting Started with Twitter
Twitter for Business

Google+ for Non-Believers Beginner's Guide (Ivan Dimitrijevic)
Get Started with Google+ for Business