[OUT] Bryngolau Mayday Festival

The Shire of Bryngolau would like to invite one and all to welcome spring by joining us for a Mayday Festival, to be held on May 4th, 2013. The celebration will feature fighting, games, frivolity, food, and laughs.

The day will begin with the Oxygen Quest tourney.  Fighters, test your skills against the high mountain air, and your opponents, in this heavy weapons  line tournament. Master Blackwood has been hard at work in his armory making wonderful prizes for the tournament winners. Following the fighting we will treat you to a lunch of hearty soups and artisan  breads, overseen by the incomparable Mistress Theresa.

After lunch we  will celebrate the coming of spring with a Maypole dance. The afternoon will conclude with court dancing under the pavilion. Do not worry if you  know little or nothing of dance, there will be instructors and we will laugh  with you, not at you, when you stumble! Bryngolau is known for having fun and games and this event will be no exception, with field and table games provided for your enjoyment all day long.Bryngolau Mayday Festival

Date: May 4th, 2013, 9:00am - 4:00pm

Location: North Mesa Park in Los Alamos, NM

Site Fees: Adults $10.00, children $5.00, $5.00 NMS applies

Autocrat: THL Elanor O'Halloraine
Tourney Coordinator: Lord Dauid of the Isles

Site is wet.

Directions: Get to Los Alamos by the most convenient method. Drive past the airport on Trinity, through 3 traffic lights. Turn right onto Diamond Dr. at the hospital (this is a large intersection). Follow Diamond past a couple lights and gas stations. When you are passing the golf course get in the left hand lane. Go through the round-a-bout and up the hill. The park is about ½ mile on your left.