[WES] Fool’s Revel

Come! One and all to the Barony of Winter’s Gate, Fool’s Revel, on Saturday, April 20, 2013. Celebrate the masque including, a Boffer Tourney, a Feast of Fools and a performance of Oberson the Fairy Prince, at Fool’s Revel!

Tis the time for foolery, costumes and celebration! In some areas of The Known World, Foolery in the renaissance era was celebrated with a carnival, a time when everything is topsy-turvy, mockery and mayhem, spectacles, pageantry and nonsense. The world spins on a different axis, kings become fools, fools become kings, the Feast of Fools commences and the theatre without spotlights comes alive! The world of the fey is real and the real world fades away! All is not what it seems. All are encouraged to wear a fairy world themed medieval and renaissance costume.
We celebrate our Fools Revel, by bringing our fairy world to life with medieval costumes and a medieval Masque. A Masque is a full celebration, which includes a performance of the masque, Oberon the Fairy Prince by Ben Jonson, a Feast of Fools and then Court. We will also host a Boffer Tourney. All are encouraged to make their own boffer and participate. All Boffers should be made of closed foam (such as pool noodles) and duck-tape. The winner of the Boffer Tourney will be crowned the Ruler of the Feast of Fools!

Feast of Fools: A main dish will be provided, please bring a pot-luck dish enough for 10 people.

Masques are rarely performed in the modern era, and Winter’s Gate will be hosting the first Masque performed in the Principality! ‘Tis a rare and unique performance.

The autocrat’s whim is the best Medieval/Renaissance costume, with documentation.  
The Baroness’s whim is best comical story.
The Winter’s Gate Fool’s whim is to be announced

Schedule of events:
12:00 pm (noon): Site opens
12:30 pm: Boffer Tourney registration opens
1:15 pm: Boffer Tourney begins. After which, the Ruler of the Feast of Fools is crowned.
2:30 pm: Class: Foolish Dancing from the Ministry of Silly Dances a subsidiary of the Ministry of Silly Walks
3:30 pm: Class: The Subtle Art of Subtleties. Hosted by Ellisif for Kids of All Ages:


4:30: pm: Oberon the Fairy Prince, organized and stage is set.  
5:00 pm: PerformanceofOberon the Fairy Prince.
6:30 pm. Feast of Fools commences. Comedic Stories told during feast.
8:00 pm. Fool’s  Court of the Masque


9:00 pm. Clean-up and Bardic following off-site. Site closes at 10:00 pm

Site is open from 12:00 pm (noon) until 10 pm and is located at the Walden Estates community center, 1108 Hampstead Ave.  The best way to site is to get to Danby Rd. either from College Rd or from the Johansen Expressway. Turn off of Danby on to Hampstead Ave (left if coming from College, right if coming from Johansen), follow the curve around, and the community center is located at the intersection of Bainbridge and Hampstead.

Event Fee is $7 dollars for members, $10 for non-members, $20 family cap, Ages 12 and under free. Please make checks out to "SCA, Inc -Barony of Winters Gate.” SCA members MUST have proof of membership in order to pay member’s fee.