Roman fare at Vindolanda

British chef John Crouch is an expert on Roman cookery. Recently he shared his knowledge with visitors to the Roman Army Museum at Vindolanda, along Hadrian's Wall, through a series of events that allowed participants to "sample a taste for themselves of the Roman diet."

Crouch commented on the color of Roman food, “It wasn’t very pretty – everything was rather sludge-coloured. What people often don’t realise is that they didn’t have tomatoes, red peppers, and other interestingly coloured ingredients. There were carrots, but even so the food was almost all greeny-brown."

The first meal provided by Crouch at Vindolanda included "a compote of early fruit, with apples and pears poached in white wine, vinegar, mint, honey and pepper, together with a robust soup made of lentils and vegetables."