Flash Mob Recreates Rembrandt Painting

In an Amsterdam mall,  a costumed flash mob chases a thief, rappels down ropes, and surprises modern shoppers to recreate "The Night Watch", and advertise the reopening of the Rijksmuseum. (video)

After 10 years of renovation, the museum will reopen on April 13 and, among other notable pieces of art, host Rembrandt's "The Night Watch", a world-famous painting.  Parts of the museum are now actually below sea level!  "...digging down meant the Rijksmuseum flooded. Workers floated around in dinghies as they fought the water table...For foreigners, it is really frightening to be under sea level, and even more frightening to have the collection below sea level," says Pijbes, museum director. "But for the Dutch, it's everyday life." 

here's a link to some details of the painting

Utterly cool!

Uncle Justin sez, "Don't pass this one by." :-)