[WES] Mists Spring Coronet

Their Highnesses, The Hammer-Handed Bjarnheðinn, and Dýrfinna both Fleet and Beautiful, invite all to bear witness at Their Coronet Tournament, to determine Their heirs.

Their Highnesses have stated the requirement for those entering the lists that all of the Chivalry and those non-chivalry who wish to be called over to the Chivalry side must have a banner or display of heraldry during Invocation. While Their Highnesses encourage all entrants in the lists to have a banner and add to the pageantry of the day, They have only made the requirement for the Chivalry and those fighters who wish to be called over and stand with the Chivalry.

There will be a map competition sponsored by Her Highness with the goal of creating an image of these Fair Mistlands that can later be reproduced as a fund raiser to benefit the Principality. A display will be held at Coronet and the finest map will be chosen. Please contact Her Higness, Dýrfinna, at royals@mists.westkingdom.org

Site Rules: Pets are allowed on the site. Please be courteous and pick up after your pet. All pets must be on a leash. Western fire regulations will be enforced , however open flame fires and candles at this site will depend on weather and fire danger on a day-by-day basis.

Autocrats: Nisaa Karahisari and Ajax Thermopoleakles