Gulf Wars 2013 video online

WDAM TV videographer - and new SCA member - 123youknowme reports that he has uploaded a video from Gulf Wars XXII on his YouTube channel. The footage is unedited, but gives a good background on the event.

He writes:

This is raw video from the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) event Gulf Wars XXII, 2013 which is held annually in Lumberton, Mississippi. Please note that some of the video contains audio and some doesn't. Later, I'll edit it down a bit and add music. Like stated, it's just raw video but it does give a good representation of life in camp during the event leading up to the war. Everyone (including myself) had a great time. I went there to simply cover/video a news story for WDAM TV and now find myself as member (it was that good). I hope this upload does the event justice. Please note that in parts of the video, there are some good interviews with some of the participants describing part of the science and arts which are part of the event as well. Very informative. The battle scenes are towards the end of the video but taken as a whole, it's a good representation of a small slice of what takes place at Gulf Wars.I'd like to thank the SCA, Gleann Abhann and everyone we met for being so kind and allowing us to visit. Also thanks to Mercer Morrison and David McRaney for keeping me from harm. Cheers!