[ANT] Bar Gemels XXVIII

With Spring and the beginning of the tourney season comes time to gather in the Tavern at Bar Gemels, April 26-28, 2013.

Join their Excellencies of Terra Pomaria, Peder and Ainslee, celebrate their first event as Baron and Baroness! Our kitchen mavens have been planning all winter to delight everyone with their culinary talents, so bring an appetite fit for a siege.

This year’s event will be all about pageantry, especially during the Pas D’Armes heavy tournament. Bring out your best! Dress to Impress! Go bold or, well just go bold! The more pageantry the better! Don’t let the pageantry fool you though. There will be lots of mischief to be had as well. It is Bar Gemels after all!

This year, Bar Gemels will host the Terra Pomaria Youth Championship, two Heavy tournaments, Archery, Rapier, Family activities, Classes, Bardic and more!

Tent camping is allowed, but If you don’t trust the Spring weather, then Bar Gemels is the event for you. Bunks in heated cabins are only $5 apiece--preregistration is REQUIRED for cabin reservations! $10 meal cards are also available. Save $5 if you purchase 4 $10 meal cards through preregistration.

Don’t forget! Your preregistration form must be postmarked by April 15th!

Please feel free to forward this missive far and wide.