[ANS] Eldern Hills Baronial Championship XXXV

Eldern Baronial is March 29 - 31. We will be choosing our Baronial Champions in Chivarlic, Rapier and Archery. Fighters: At Her
Excellency discretion, there will be one round in the championship that you will have a rabbit as your off hand weapon.

Return of the Iron Artisan- Insignia Challenge!
Teams of 2-4.
Each team gets: Sack of 6 things. 5 are standard (i.e. cloth, beads, leather, metal, ect.)--and the 6th one is unique.
Registration forms and Sacks will be available at Gate Friday night. Last chance to enter and pick up a Sack is 9am on Saturday. Each Team has until 4pm Saturday to turn it in for scoring.

Yes, we are having a raffle to raise funds for a new pavilion. Donations are surely welcomed. Please seek out HE Audri or HE Elayne when you make your way to site.

Feast Menu
1st remove : Hummas, Naan Bread, and Falafel with Tzatziki Sauce
2nd remove : Kafta Kabob and Couscous Salad
3rd remove : Grilled Rabbit with Majadara
4th remove : Baklava

A reminder that you will need to bring chairs for the AWESOME fest. Eldern Hills is looking forward to seeing all our friends.

The Trenching Wench Tavern hosted by Castle Anthrax will be at the event.

If you have questions, please visit our site or you can direct questions to the Event Stewards: Lady Muirenn inghean Chonaill or HL Gunnarr haukr

Clear Creek Lake ~ Duncan, OK
Site Opens 4 pm Friday ~ Closes Noon Sunday

Take your best route to Hwy 81, north side of Duncan
Turn EAST onto Plato Rd. -there is a traffic light and LARGE American Flag- Go 7 miles
Turn Left (NORTH) on Clear Creek Rd. -there is a sign for Clear Creek Lake- Go 3 miles
Turn Right (EAST) on Parker Rd. - Go 4/10 mile. Look for SCA sign
Turn Left (NORTH) on Campground Rd. - Follow straight through, watch for SCA signs