“A War with no Enemies” in the Hattiesburg American

The 22nd Gulf Wars in Lumberton, Mississippi drew over 3,000 people to King’s Arrow Ranch to enjoy the annual "War with no Enemies.” Emily Ham Price of the Hattiesburg American journeyed to the campout to experience medieval life. (photos and video)

Price interviewed several SCA members for the article, including Countess Beatrix de Montecassino, Gulf Wars’ media officer, blacksmith Master Heinrich Vom Holtz, textile arts instructor Baroness Alexis MacAlister, and new fighter Inga, who joined the SCA in 2010 and said, “I didn’t think I was going to like the SCA. But it’s the people — they’re just fantastic and they keep you here. I love the game that we play, but the people that are involved in it — there is no one else like them.”