[ANT] Art of War

We call forth the brave Warriors of An Tir to assemble and train together for the wars of summer!

Strength of arms alone is not enough to win battles; a well-trained warrior is worth 5 lesser men. Thus the Army of An Tir calls to its warriors to assemble and train in the Arts and Skills of War. Sharp blades cannot replace sharp wits, and word fame everlasting rewards only the most skilled upon any battle field.

This year Art of War returns to its roots at Camp Brinkley in the scenic woods of Eastern Snohomish County, giving us a greater focus on fighting and training, including; small unit tactics, war maneuvering, effective use of troops, one-on-one combat skills, and more. Have you gone as far as you can go fighting harder? Join us for Art of War V and learn to fight smarter!

Count Balin of Tor, KSCA (CAID) who served as a lead instructor in past years, once again brings his wealth of skill, knowledge and experience to help us build our best army ever. You may also know him from his appearance on Spike TV's Deadliest Warrior program, or you may in fact have had the excellent opportunity to train with him when he was last here!

Register before April 7th for our special $75 Early Registration Rate- After that the rate is $90 through April 20th. This event is Pre-Reg only. Registration covers lodging and food for all four days. Our kitchen team has a reputation for very tasty meals and snacks, and plenty of everything to keep hungry fighters on their feet!

Registration forms are ready to be posted to our website, currently it is experiencing challenges so please email Jade@mindspring.com with Art of War Reg in the subject line and we will email you the registration forms personally.

This is a 4 day war fighters training event! Warriors are bunked in groups, take meals together and train in small units and larger groups to gain a wide understanding of war in the Middle Ages, and the application of those tactics and tools on today's battle field!
Gate opens at Noon on Thursday the 25th - Site Closes Sunday by 3 PM You need only bring yourself, your armor, your favorite tankard, your bed roll, shower needs and a passion for fun and learning.

Event Steward: Jade Redstone
Email: jade@mindspring.com
Registrar and Co-Steward: Crinoc Donn uí Laoghaire
Email: crinocdonn@gmail.com