New SCA canton founded beneath car park

Following the highly publicized discovery of King Richard III underneath a Leicestershire parking lot, and the subsequent discovery of a knight's grave below a parking lot in Edinburgh, a new SCA group is forming underneath the park'n'ride near the Long Island Expressway in Melville, New York.

"Clearly there was a lot of activity going on under car parks in the middle ages," said group seneschal Lord John Buick. "We think this will be a big step towards greater authenticity in the SCA."

Planned activities in the Canton of Undertar include fighting, brewing, and a bi-weekly dance practice. Minister of A&S Mistress Lorena Peugeot says they also intend to hold cooking meetings in the summer, when the asphalt gets hot enough to cook on.

While the group is starting small, they hope to hold their first event next year. "We are planning on leveraging resources on the site to fund the event as we go along," said canton exchequer Hiram von Oldsmobile. The group plans make the event free for the first 15 minutes but charge 25 cents per half hour after that. Camping will be available in the overnight parking spaces, but tents left after 6am will be carried off and stored at the Suffolk County impound lot.

Sabine Berard found buried beneath car park

We have no idea who did this horrible murder. I'm sure it has nothing at all to do with her April Fool's story getting so many more reads than mine.



Wohoo! In a thousand years I'll be famous!