Youth Swordsman from Barony of the Lonely Tower Seeking Sponsors

Aiden Norris, son of Brynjolf Brandrsmitr aka Bruce, of the Barony of the Lonely Tower, has recently been accepted into the ranks of the Junior Team USA for the martial art of Kendo. His family seeks sponsors and donations to help meet mandatory travel expenses for the competitions.

Aiden was also selected as one of two representatives to represent his region at the All United States 4th Junior National Kendo Championships.  One of the requirements is that he maintain his training and compete both regionaly and nationaly lest he be disqualified from the Jr. Team USA Program. In order to attend the training camps/championships, Aiden not only had to show dedication to his training, but also receive a recommendation and have his head Sensei's approval.

Aiden is seeking financial assistance in the form of sponsors and donations to help him with his travel expenses.  He is offering different reward levels based on the amount of donation at his GoFundMe page, or as usual he will be available for Ice Hauls during War of the Lilies.  Those looking to hire him for hauls, errand running, in person contributions, or good-natured ribbing can locate him at his parents merchant tent - Goin' A Viking & Brynjolf's Forge in the Old Market along King's Highway and across from the Archery Range in their usual spot.

[At the link below] you can view one of Aiden's practice matches. Below are also links to Aiden's GoFundMe Pages which will provide the additional information and dates on events in which he will be participating.

Aiden's family greatly appreciate you taking your time to view his GoFundMe pages and donate if you so wish towards his travel expenses.

You can verify his participation by contacting his head sensei through the information below:

Omaha Kendo & Iaido Kyokai
Steve  Sasaki, Head Sensei
(402) 968-0615
Southwestern Kendo and Iaido Federation
Steve  Sasaki, President
(402) 968-0615

Publisher's note: The contributor of this story provided a postal address for contacting Aiden, but's editorial policies preclude us publishing postal addresses for youth. Please contact Aiden's family using the information provided above or through the GoFundMe web site. We apologize for any inconvenience; our policy is intended to protect the privacy of young people.

We also note for the record that this is not an SCA-sanctioned activity; the link to the Barony of Lonely Tower is provided for information only.