WDAM demonstrates wonders of medieval life at Gulf Wars XXII

Swords clashed in the Ravine Battle at Gulf Wars XXII and WDAM, Hattisburg, Mississippi television, was there for the action. For the print article, the reporter interviewed Suzanne Sherman of Kansas and Lisa and Brian Blair, of Mobile, AL. An excellent video from WDAM has also been posted on YouTube.

From the print article:

Members are quick to point out that SCA events are not Renaissance festivals. You won't see anything mythological or fantastical at gatherings. Vendors don't sell trinkets or baubles but simple food and other necessities. The emphasis is on historical accuracy and education about the time period. As the SCA website explains, "we selectively recreate the culture, choosing elements of the culture that interest and attract us." So, if you go, expect to see blacksmiths creating armor, weavers creating clothes, and carpenters turning wood into longhouses as cooks in historically accurate garb use historically accurate outdoor kitchens to prepare historically accurate foods.