[AET] Which is Mightier, the Pen or the Sword?

The rapier can quickly end a life, but the pen can eviscerate a person for eternity.  So which is mightier, the pen or the sword? The Shire of Angels Keep will give you the opportunity to find an answer to that question on Saturday, April 13, 2013.

Site is the Auburn United Methodist Church, 99 South St, Auburn NY.   
Site will open at 9am, the first classes will start at 10am. Classes will end at 5pm, anyone still on site at 7pm will be put to work.

Site Fee, including dayboard, is $10, $5 for children under 14, babes in arms are free.  A $5 non-member surcharge will apply.

We will be offering a day of classes featuring two distinct tracks , one for scribal arts, and one for rapier science.  Those interested in
teaching should contact Lady Juliana Stafford at lathropj@verizon.net.  A full list of classes and class schedule is available on our website.

We will be offering a dayboard featuring items designed for grabbing on your way to class, as well as sit-down dishes.  Reservations are
encouraged so we can plan how much food to cook, without generating a lot of waste.  Reservations can be emailed to the Autocrat. Dietary concerns should be sent to the Feast Steward, Lady Svana in Kyrra (at ladysvana@gmail.com.

Lunch will be available from 11:30am til the food runs out.

No feast will be served, but a list of restaurants will be available that day, or on our website.

Autocrat for the this event is THL Moniczka Poznanska moniczkap@verizon.net or 315-515-3086.

Directions to the Auburn United Methodist Church, 99 South St, Auburn, NY  13021:

From North, West or East, find your best route to I-90, the Weedsport/Hwy 34 exit.  Follow Hwy 34 south into Auburn, the church will
be on the right-hand side of the road. Hwy 34 is South Street once you cross Arterial. 

From the South, find your best route to Hwy 34, go north into Auburn, the church will be on the left side of the road.